About Paw-Treats

"For love and vitality" is the motto of Paw-Treats.

Our strong love for animals gives us the energy to develop highly functional and application-specific products with CBD for animals and to combine them in a unique product range. We are different because we combine specially developed formulations, high-quality raw materials and gentle production processes and additionally cooperate with specialized partners and universities.


In addition, we maintain our own research department for product development. A team of veterinarians, food technologists and pharmacologists develop our products and independently test them in cooperation with various universities and veterinary clinics. As already mentioned, we spare no effort for the well-being of animals. Efficacy is just as important to us as safety and a great price-performance ratio. Help your dog and cat to improve their well-being and joy of life with our effective and safe CBD products for animals and at the same time benefit from an excellent cost-benefit ratio. From our preliminary study and further independent product tests, we know that a noticeable effect can usually be seen within just a few days. We welcome you to convince yourself of our Paw-Treat products!


Paw Treats presentation

Learn everything you need to know about Paw-Treats in less than 3 minutes.  Learn what makes Paw-Treats unique, who our strategic partners are and how we independently analyze and test our products to guarantee the best possible quality and functionality, product safety and sustainability in our products. 

Our vision:

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of dogs and cats with highly functional and natural feed supplements.

Our mission:

To improve the quality of life of dogs and cats, we develop natural and highly functional products. We only include active ingredients with scientifically proven effects and excellent safety profiles. Through a carefully selected combination of ingredients we want to achieve optimal support for specific symptoms.

What makes Paw-Treats better?

CULS Prague - Paw-Treats

The scientfic approach

The scientific approach of Paw-Treats is of central importance for achieving the usual Paw-Treats quality, stability, functionality and product safety of Paw-Treats.  Watch this video to learn more about our scientific activities in collaboration with CULS, especially regarding our independent quality assurance, and learn how we at Paw-Treats make best quality one of our standards. 

Dog arthritis

The clinical approach

The clinical approach of Paw-Treats is an extremely important part of the scientific approach of Paw-Treats. This clinical approach serves to scientifically validate the functionality and product safety of our products through clinical trials and independent product evaluations. Learn more about these valuable activities and learn how Paw-Treats provides scientific assurance of functionality and product safety for you.

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