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Learn more about why some of the treats might not be suitable for your dog and what you could give him/her instead.

What is a better way how to show an extra love to your dog than give him a delicious treat! Options of the dog treats are countless. So, how with all these options can you choose the right treat for your dog?

Every dog deserve a treat! There are so many occasions when we can surprise our four legged companion with little yummy treat. In some cases, treats may be great, like training for example, and woks as a motivation factor. Giving treats to your dog may also make you feel happier when you see how they enjoy it.

Having so many options out there - different ingredients, smells, shapes, colours.... How can you choose the right treat for your furry friends? You may begin by looking for a treat that contains your dog's favourite ingredient - chicken, duck, fish, veggies,... While choosing, factor that must be considered is the following:


●  food supplement ingredients description and percentage

●  analytical component

●  recommended portion


In some cases, you may want to bake the treats yourself or just give some raw vegetable/fruit. These options are also great for your furry friend. Most importantly, ask your veterinarian about other foods before offering them to your dog.


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Generally, there are 3 types of dog treats:

● High-Value Rewards
High-value rewards are reserved for less-common instances when a dog must be strongly reinforced. For instance, a high-value reward might be used for recall in a crowded area. Examples of high-value rewards include liver and cheese.

● Training Rewards

Training treats are smaller, consists of less calories and made to be used during training sessions. These treats are available in variety of flavours, shapes, and sizes.

● Biscuits

Dog biscuits are hard, dry treats are fed as snacks

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Timing with treats may not be as strict as with food, however it is recommended that you provide treats in between meals. You may also like to reward your dog during and after training, while being on a walk or just cause he is a good boy.

That is great way how to make your dog's day better, tastier and more interesting. You may also use different treats through a day such as lighter-fruity treats in the morning, meaty around lunch time and biscuit at the evening. You have completely free hand, yet you have to mind couple factors.


One of the factor you should keep in mind is a portion of the treats you provide your dog with. The number of treats usually depends on the dogs activity, weight and other dietary requirements. For instance, a young, active dog will have higher caloric needs than an older, sedentary pet. In case you buy the treats for your four legged friend, you may find a recommended portion on the product package (click on the button below to view an example of recommended portioning). If you are preparing homemade treats, you should consult with your vet.
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As your four legged companion is not "programmed" to watch his food intake, you must be the responsible one. It is the same for them as for us, too much of a food will end up upsetting the stomach. Yet, overconsumption of treats can lead to an upset stomach, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, or just overall lethargy. Dogs do not naturally have the power to stop eating so they will eat for as long as you refilling the bowl or provide more treats. In terms of long term, this may become a serious health problem as with high calories consumption, obesity and overweight comes hand-in-hand. You may think that couple grams or half kilo is not a serious problem, however especially with smaller breeds, this comes with other diseases. It is very important to keep an eye on the portion and calories intake you provide your dog with.
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Do you know the feeling when you and your family are having a meal and your dog is right next to you, giving you the sweetest god eyes? You can see that he would do everything for the bite of whatever you are having. Yet, you MUST RESIST as even a little bite may cause serious stomach issues. Table scrubs can upset your dog's digestion as they are high in calories, sugar and fat. If your dog would get used for table scrubs he might later deny his diet and become obese.

The rich and unique formulation of the Agility+ snack was developed by a team of Swiss, Czech and German experts in the fields of veterinary medicine, pharmacology and food technology. Agility+ contains a specially developed formula of six different medicinal plants and other natural adjuvants that synergistically complement and support each other.

The natural ingredients of the Relax+ formula have been carefully selected based on independent scientific information. Particular care was taken in the selection of the medicinal plants contained in the Relax+ Snack to ensure that they act via various pathways and thus support the dogs holistically
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Paw-Treats Hemp Treats for Dogs - Relax+ 100g_front.webp
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