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Dr. Med. Vet. Michaela Riedlova.

Serious assuring functionality and safety requires independent testing.

The clinical approach

In order to reliably guarantee the functionality and safety of our CBD treats and CBD oils for animals, independent functional tests are required. Therefore, independent veterinarians together with the CULS test our products according to established methods, which are also commonly used to evaluate the functionality and safety of conventional medicines. We conduct independent product tests and even double-blind studies with owner dogs, in which we test various physiological parameters and document the behaviour of the study dogs in their domestic environment. But don't worry! No dogs are harmed, we do not work with laboratory animals and all owners voluntarily agreed to participate in our studies!


Each of our Paw-Treats products thus proves that combining superior functionality, safety, quality and sustainability is possible in a natural and ethical way, and that makes us proud. In an independent preliminary study our Agility+ treats helped five of the six study dogs with osteoarthritis to significantly increase their overall well-being and their activity. Furthermore, the results of the main clinical trial will soon be published in a scientific journal under the name of the CULS, the Czech University of Life Sciences.