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Benefit from the years of hard work of an excellent team, motivated by their love for animals and their own experiences and supported by unique partners and the best possible infrastructure. We are proud that we were able to realize our dream and Pascha's legacy in the dreamed quality down to the last detail.


Our story began many years ago with the former dog of our CEO, Jonas Straumann.

The name of the extremely calm and lovable big dog with black fur, white chest, four white paws and a white tail tip was Pascha. He was a half-breed of Labrador and Great Dane and, like most dogs, was confronted with some ailments in the course of his life. Especially joint problems, respectively osteoarthritis, had strongly reduced the quality of life of Pascha in his advanced days. The medications prescribed by the veterinarian helped Pascha quite well in the beginning, but with advancing age the symptoms became worse and the medications began to produce side effects.


Jonas was of course very touched by this situation, because who wants to see his best friend suffer and not be able to really help him? Nobody!

In these days Jonas made the decision to develop a unique product and bring it to the market. A highly effective product on a natural basis that would provide optimal support for dogs with joint problems. Unfortunately, years passed before the next steps finally followed. About three years ago, Jonas talked to Dr. med. vet. Lena Zwickl, a good friend and veterinarian, about the idea of combining CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp with additional medicinal plants and natural additives to create a unique product.

Today, years after the idea first arose, there are 27 different Paw-Treats products on the market, each of excellent quality and functionality. The Agility+ Snack from Paw-Treats has already been very successfully tested in two independent preliminary studies and the main study is currently being completed. The results of these studies will be published under the name of CULS in the near future.

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