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By working with our strong partners we can guarantee the best quality and safety of our products. We have full control over the development and cultivation of our own hemp material as well as the production itself.


CULS - University of Life Sciences Prague

The University of Life Sciences in Prague is an official research Partner of Paw-Treats since day one. We collaborate in particular with food safety and veterinary departments to test the quality of our products with most advanced research infrastructure and to organize our independent product testing and our independent clinical studies. 

The basis for agricultural training in the Czech Republic was already laid during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Already in 1776 lectures on agricultural animal husbandry were introduced at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague and in 1788 a Department of Agriculture was established. Since 2007, the Czech Agricultural University Prague has been a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences, a network of European universities founded in 2001. Currently the university has more than 18 000 students (10% are international students), 6 faculties and 1 institute. The university also employs around 1700 staff, of whom more than 700 are professors or associate professors. 




VASEVETERINA.CZ - Veterinary clinics managed by Dr. Med. Vet. Michaela Riedlova

Dr. med. vet. Michaela Riedlova is a very well-known veterinary doctor of the Czech Republic and works closely with our scientific partner, the CULS, to test the functionality and safety of our products in independent product tests and even in clinical studies.

Michaela Riedlova owns three veterinary clinics in which several specialized veterinarians are working. Michaela Riedlova has been practicing herself for over 20 years and thus has an excellent knowledge, great experience and a huge customer base. In addition to her work as a veterinarian and manager of three clinics, Dr. med. vet. Michaela Riedlova has also been seen on Czech television for around 20 years, where she presents the animal shows on the channel "Nova" and "Prima". Michaela Riedlova is therefore predestined to work with Paw-Treats like no other in the Czech Republic and we are really proud and happy to work with such a personality.

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