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Paw-Treats Hemp Powder for Dogs - Motion and Mobility 100g_3.webp

Motion & Mobility


Motion & Mobility is a premium supplementary food for dogs which is added to the normal food as a functional powder. Motion & Mobility has been specially developed for older and very active dogs and contains vital plants, herbs and substances that support the natural function of the musculoskeletal system and promote the joy of movement.

Product type:

Supplementary food for dogs of all breeds - Functional powder



Mussel concentrate, hemp meal 15%, devil's claw, herbal mixture 30% (willow bark, birch, arnica, nettle, chamomile), chondroitin sulfate 8,7%, methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), glucosamine 4,3%, collagen hydrolysate, ginger, hemp oil, hyaluronic acid.







Analytical constituents: 

Crude protein 24,5%, crude fat 6,5%, crude fibre 12,5%, Crude ash 12,0%, Sodium 1,0%,

Sulphur 1,6%


Product weight per unit:



CBD content:

~ 200mg / 100g


Shelf life after production:

2 Years



CBD raw material: 

Hemp flour - According to point 6.7.1, Annex C, Regulation (EU) No. 68/2013 of 16 January 2013



Feeding recommendation:

Small dogs (4 to 15 kg)

Medium dogs (16 to 39 kg) 

Large dogs (40 to 80 kg)



1 - 2 g per day

2 - 4 g per day

4 - 8 g per day


DOG - Motion and Mobility Watercolor.png



Always provide sufficient drinking water.


This product contains hemp flour which naturally contains CBD. The CBD content is approximately 200mg per pack (100g). 

- Indicative indication of the native CBD content of a natural raw material. Natural variations are possible. Exact batch-related analyses are available here.


This product should not be fed to pregnant animals. Combined use with medication should be discussedwith a veterinarian.



Intended for pets only.



Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.


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