Relax+ Testimonial

How can you help your dearest friend to deal with unpleasant situations and stress? Watch this interview with our satisfied customer from the Czech Republic.


Paw Treats presentation

Learn everything you need to know about Paw-Treats in less than 3 minutes.  Learn what makes Paw-Treats unique, who our strategic partners are and how we independently analyze and test our products to guarantee the best possible quality and functionality, product safety and sustainability in our products. 


The scientific approach

The scientific approach of Paw-Treats is of central importance for achieving the usual Paw-Treats quality, stability, functionality and product safety of Paw-Treats.  Watch this video to learn more about our scientific activities in collaboration with CULS, especially regarding our independent quality assurance, and learn how we at Paw-Treats make best quality one of our standards. 


The clinical approach

The clinical approach of Paw-Treats is an extremely important part of the scientific approach of Paw-Treats. This clinical approach serves to scientifically validate the functionality and product safety of our products through clinical trials and independent product evaluations. Learn more about these valuable activities and learn how Paw-Treats provides scientific assurance of functionality and product safety for you. 


The story of Paw Ttreats

Paw-Treats is unique. Unique because of its products, its partners, its strategies and its history. In this video you can learn more about the history and motivation behind Paw-Treats. Find out from which personal motives our founders drew the motivation, the energy and the determination to make Paw-Treats as unique as it is today.


Forest adventure


For dogs there are no walks, just small and big adventures. Tasting, walking, running and jumping; preferably fast and always at the very front. Agility+ by Paw-Treats combines the forces of nature to offer your dog the best support during these adventures. Use Agility+ for active dogs of all ages and especially for dogs of advanced age.


Meanwhile in paradise


Paradise is a state of mind. Relax+ from Paw-Treats combines the forces of nature to give your optimal support to master stressful situations with ease. Use Relax+ to give your dog the peace and serenity that can otherwise only be felt on a sunny day in nature.


Because we love animals


We love animals and we spend our time with them whenever we can. Our love for animals is also our motivation to develop unique products that are truly tailored to the needs of animals. See for yourself that love for animals at Paw-Treats is not just a words, but a lifestyle that we have made a principle of all our actions.


Because we love animals


A day in paradise? For us at Paw-Treats this is a day in nature with our beloved friends on four paws, ideally with nice weather. We have documented moments of such a day, which we call "paradisiacal", so that you can see with your own eyes which values move us and what moments count for us.