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What is osteoarthritis?
Degenerative joint diseases can affect dogs of all ages and breeds. In summary, a whole series of such degenerative joint diseases is referred to as osteoarthritis. This group of joint diseases is characterized by excessive wear of individual joints, and one such joint disease is the very widespread condition osteoarthritis. Typical of this disease is the degeneration of articular cartilage, the breakdown of cartilage, as well as the appearance of traction at the articular margins and changes in the joint capsule. Although textbooks classify osteoarthritis as a non-inflammatory chronic disease process, it is often associated with mild, permanent inflammation. Generally, two types of osteoarthritis are distinguished, a primary and secondary form of the disease.
Primary osteoarthritis is the rarer form of the two manifestations, which results from age-related factors. The reasons leading to this form are largely unknown. The more widespread, secondary form of osteoarthritis arises as a result of changes in the joint that result from previous illnesses or accidents. In this context, a misalignment such as hip dysplasia or injuries that lead to joint instability, such as, for example, a cruciate ligament tear, can particularly be mentioned. As a further widespread cause, also infections of the joint play a central role. As a direct result of all these circumstances, there is an unequal load distribution of the cartilage, which is excessively worn down. However, even a normal load, without deformity of the joint, on damaged cartilage can lead to the degree of wear that results in osteoarthritis.

Causes of secondary


       Joint fractures

       Joint luxuriation

       Torn ACL

       Inflammatory joint disease

       Infectious joint disease

       Developmental disorders (e.g., hip dysplasia)

In both cases, there is a roughening of the articular surface and possibly also cartilage cracks that can reach to the bone. In this way, pieces broken off from the cartilage trigger, as a further consequence, inflammations of the synovial fluid, which in turn aggravate the situation. The vicious circle triggered in this way is typical of the joint diseases summarized under the generic term arthrosis and, in addition to pain, also leads to a gradual loss of function of the joint function.
What must be mentioned in particular in this context are symptoms such as lameness, swelling, pain and limited mobility as precursors of the complete loss of function of the affected joint.
Therapeutic approaches
The goal of treatment is to slow down or even stop this process. Another main goal is to keep the quality of life with this painful disease as high as possible in order to enable good management of the symptoms of the disease. In order to achieve these two different goals, the therapy must start on different levels at the same time. On the one hand, the joint metabolism must be stabilized in order to slow down or even stop the progression of cartilage destruction. On the other hand, the pain and inflammation must be reduced, so that pain-free living with the disease becomes possible. In combination, these two approaches offer the opportunity to increase the quality of life despite osteoarthritis.
Holistic and natural solution to increase quality of life in advanced age
With the Agility+ Snack, Paw-Treats has created a possibly unique product at Paw-Treats which specifically aims to support living with, reduced mobility, pain and inflammation, the major symptoms of osteoarthritis, in a natural way. The Paw-Treats formulation uses the strong and versatile forces of nature to give affected dogs youthful vitality and joy of living. Our rich composition of active ingredients with a proven and well documented scientific effect, developed by Swiss and German experts, is purely natural and professionally designed to optimally support dogs with joint problems. Paw-Treats supports the body to protect the joints, stabilize joint metabolism, handling of inflammation and pain, activate the body’s own powers and support the regulation of all important body functions. As a result, the overall well-being is greatly increased and balanced behavior is promoted. But not just our formulations are possibly unique in Paw-Treats, also the production process we use is possibly unique! To protect the active ingredients of our formulations and to ensure the best possible quality of our products, we produce all our products in a especially gentle process with low pressures and low temperatures. This allows us to be sure that none of the valuable active ingredients are destroyed during production, ensuring the best possible functionality of our final products. For this purpose, we test our products in our independent quality assurance, which is carried out by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS).