To support with nervousness, anxiety and stress.

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Supports your dog in coping with:






Sleep disorders 


Be the hero your dog knows you are and use Relax+ to support him in overcoming anxiety, stress, nervousness, depression, psychosis, sleep disorders and/or fatigue.
The specially developed Relax+ formulation uses strong and versatile forces of nature in a bundled form to support dogs in dealing with anxieties and stressful situations without making them sleepy.
When dogs show unwanted behaviour or are even aggressive, this is in most cases a reaction to stress and/or anxiety. There are numerous triggers that can lead to nervousness, anxiety and stress in animals. Unusual surroundings, large crowds and confusing situations, for example in public transport or on vacation, can mean considerable stress for dogs. Being alone, a visit to the vet or a new living situation can also be stress factors. Then there are also animals that have experienced something traumatic and are therefore generally very anxious or even depressed. Furthermore, many dogs react with almost uncontrollable fear to loud noises, for example due to fireworks or thunderstorms. In such and comparable situations you can use the natural powers of the Relax+ Snack to give your dog, and yourself, calmness and serenity.

The natural ingredients of the Relax+ formula have been carefully selected by a team of Swiss veterinarians, Czech pharmacologists and German food technologists based on independent scientific information. Particular care was taken in the selection of the medicinal plants contained in the Relax+ Snack to ensure that they act via various pathways and thus support the dogs holistically. The associated huge development effort has been very worthwhile. Due to this well thought-out product development Relax+ optimally supports your dog in stressful situations, reduces anxiety and increases the general well-being without making him sleepy. In addition, Relax+ can also support your dog in overcoming nervousness, depression and psychotic states with its natural formula of various mood-lifting and anxiety-relieving medicinal plants.

Without Relax+


With Relax+

Main active ingredients of Relax+


Legal industrial hemp

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is one of the oldest culture and medicinal plants known to humankind. The genus of the hemp plant produces an enormous number of so-called phytochemicals, of which hundreds occur exclusively in hemp plants. CBD exerts, inter alia, its effects via the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates the activity of various important body systems. For this reason, CBD can support the body when it comes to pain and inflammation. Furthermore, it promotes a balanced behavior, improves the general well-being and has numerous other supportive effects.


Melissa has been used since thousands of years in many parts of the world. Thanks to its calming and mood-enhancing properties, melissa can help to reduce anxiety and counteract depressive moods. Melissa can therefore provide optimal support for animals that are tense, restless or easily irritable.



Chamomile contains numerous beneficial active ingredients and has long been used for various conditions. Among other things, it has proven beneficial in supporting people with anxiety and sleep disorders. Furthermore, studies have shown that also animals can benefit from the relaxing and anxiolytic effects of this plant.


In the traditional European and Asian medicine, roseroot is one of the most popular medicinal plants for both physical and emotional stress. Not only does roseroot enhance resistance against different kinds of stress, but it also has a gentle stimulating effect and is therefore supportive in case of fatigue and reduced mental performance.


Help your dog to be

more relaxed through life.


Feeding Recommendation: Normal

In the morning and in the evening:

5 – 9 kg: 0,5 Hemp Snack

10 – 19 kg: 1 Hemp Snack

20 – 29 kg: 2 Hemp Snacks

30 – 39 kg: 3 Hemp Snacks

40 – 49 kg: 4 Hemp Snacks

50 – 80 kg: 5 Hemp Snacks

Feeding Recommendation: Strong

In the morning and in the evening:

5 – 9 kg: 1,5 Hemp Snack

10 – 19 kg: 3 Hemp Snacks

20 – 29 kg:6 Hemp Snacks

30 – 39 kg: 9 Hemp Snacks

40 – 49 kg: 12 Hemp Snacks

50 – 80 kg: 15 Hemp Snacks

Analytical components of Relax+

Crude Protein:       15%

Crude Fat:                10%

Crude Fiber:            4%

Crude Ash:                7%