Watch our interview with leading scientists of CULS, the University of Life Sciences in Prague

Serious quality assurance means to independently analyze products.

The scientific approach of Paw-Treats is divided into two main parts, product development and quality assurance.

Product development:​

In order to achieve the best possible functionality and to exclude unwanted interactions or side effects, it is extremely important to combine the right ingredients in the correct quantities. This is why we develop our products according to scientific information and standards with a team of veterinarians, food technologists and pharmacologists. We always research and evaluate several independent studies on all excipients contained in our products, which in all cases have to prove a good effect and excellent safety profiles. Our development process requires a lot of effort and high costs, but we are very happy to take this on for you and your animals. For us, the most important thing is that we combine extraordinarily good functionality with maximum product safety and top quality.

Independent analyzing:

Serious quality assurance means to independently analyze the products. The Czech University of Life Sciences, CULS for short, is our official research partner from the very beginning. Their independent experts analyse our products so that we can guarantee you the highest possible quality, safety and stability of our products at all times.