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We are here to share some tip and trick!

Owning a dog comes with a lot of pleasure, yet responsibilities, too. Most of the people want to understand how to take care of their best friend and therefore, we are bringing some ideas how to care of your dog. From feeding, to bath time all the way to belly scrubs. Stay tuned!
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We see that you have exciting news to share. You and your family agreed to welcome a new member at home. Decision such as who is going to be primary caretaker, which parts of the house are no-go zones and where will the dog sleep, were made. Now, it is time to choose the bread that will be suitable for you according to your habits. Are you an active person, who exercise a lot or rather a person who likes to stay indoor? These and other factors are important while choosing your dog. After this decision, supplies are on the list next. We have prepared a small checklist for you, which you may find handy.

First place, once the new family member is home, is to visit a vet. Vet will provide needed vaccination, chip and do overall health check while registering your dog. You may also get a passport for your furry friend in case you the traveller type.

What can be so difficult about feeding my dog? There is nothing difficult, it is just that each dog has different requirements and that’s why we suggest a couple of options for you to consider.

There are few diet types:

● Dry food such as granulated food
● Wet food, such as cans, with diverse ingredients
● B.A.R.F that is a raw diet meaning everything your dog consumes is raw - meat vegetables, etc..

We suggest that you consult your dog diet and appropriate treats with your vet about the right choice, frequency and portion recommendation. Please, ALWAYS ensure your dog is well hydrated by providing fresh water throughout the day/night. Paw-Treats might be a good option for your dog, check our products at the link below.

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Providing a mental stimulation by training is beneficial for your four-legged friend to stay mentally and physically healthy. You may be asking: ‘When is the right time to start with training?’, we suggest to start training from the moment, you bring him home. Housetraining and socialisation are very crucial at puppy early age. Simple command training starts from 7-8 week of the puppy, when he will be paying more attention.

How to train? Again, you have several options such as; train the dog yourself, puppy school or professional dog
trainer. Each option has its pros and cons, so you mind like to research a bit.
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We know that you are probably aware of the importance of dog grooming. Benefits come along with it such as ensuring healthy growth, good blood circulation and many more. Grooming can be done by yourself, however, require the right tools, patience and training. Another option is to bring your dog to professional groomers to ensure no harm on dog’s health. The way to prevent your dog from shedding fur is to brush him on regular bases – daily or weekly depending on the coat type. It is beneficial also to prevent wads.
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Are you ready to explore nearby parks and dog playground? Get your shoes on and let’s go! Your new family member will need a walk at least once a day, each day. If you are an active type who loves exercise outside, specific dog breads can give you company. The time required for the walk is according to your dog’s health condition as well as his age. We assure you that your companion will love the smells, meet other dogs as well as learn more about the surroundings.

It is a great way to connect with your pet lovingly. We share the need for touch, which will give us the benefit of physical connection and release the endorphin – hormone of happiness. We do it cause it feels good. A soft touch, ear or belly scratch is what our companion loves. Your dog will also make sure to let you know what works for him and what does not. So, pay attention to your dog body language.

If you wish to do grooming by yourself, we are here to help you suggest all the necessary tools in the checklist below.


Who doesn’t love dog-toys? They are just so cute, soft, making noises and are great way how to have fun with your dog! Another benefit of playing with toys for dog, is that the mental stimulation provided is making a dog tired quicker than a long walk. Toy also keeps your furry friend entertained when left alone. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right toy according to its size, material, resistance, quality and purpose.
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The most beautiful time of the year is knocking on the door. Snow, lights, family gatherings and many more lovely things happen during this time. We all do our best to prepare Christmas the way we love it, yet we have another member to take care of. Did you know you can prepare homemade dog treats and festive dinner for your furry friend? There are so many great recipes that you can try, however, please consult it with your vet upfront.

Make sure your friend does not have access to chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, onion gravy, alcohol, bones from carcasses as they are poisonous and can cause dangerous choking hazard. Also, please be mindful while choosing your Christmas decorations and decorate your home in a way, safe for your dog. Most importantly, enjoy the time of the year!


We know how stressful present hunting can be. That is why we collected some great ideas for your furry friend's gift.


While most of us enjoy the New Year's Eve atmosphere, our dog companion might not. Therefore, we bring you some ideas about how to keep him/her safe and sound!

● Keep your dog indoor and if you are holding a celebration party, you might consider providing a calm and safe place for your dog.

● Many dogs can be terrified by a firework and tend to escape their house or gardens. Please keep a collar with all your informations such as the dog's name, your phone number and address. This collar could also carry a chip with GPS tracking.

● Firework may cause burns, hearing loss and eye damage if a dog is too close to an explosion, that is why we suggest to keep him indoor and clean the remaining parts of firework before letting him outside.

● Dog may develop uncharacteristic behaviour, such as incessant pacing, crying or whining so pay attention to your pet and try to calm him.

One of the best solutions you may find, is providing your dog with RELAX+, that will optimally support your dog in stressful situations, reduces anxiety and increases the general well-being-without making him sleepy. Can support him with overcoming nervousness and psychotic states. Find out more in the link below.


There are some main ideas about what to avoid while taking care of your furry friend:

● Not have a full agreement of all family members before bringing a dog home
● Choosing a bread that is not suitable to your lifestyle
● Not having stock of supplies before bringing a puppy home
● Choosing a wrong size of collar and wrong length of leash
● Not registering your dog at a vet to receive necessary vaccination and avoiding regular check-ups
● Overfeeding, underfeeding or choosing inappropriate diet
● Not training or socialising a dog
● Not taking care of grooming standards
● Not providing a variety of dog toys
● Not taking dog for walks
● Not spending quality time with a dog
● Punishing a dog for misbehaviour

Avoid these actions, and you will have happy and healthy companion :)

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Let's talk about upcoming holidays and how you may keep your dog safe during this time of year.


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