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Hemp treats for dogs and cats,

but better than normal.

 Hemp treats for dogs  - Scientifically developed, independently tested and sustainably produced. 

With Paw-Treats you do something good and become a hero for your dog and cat. With Paw-Treats you support your dearest friend on four paws in a natural way in difficult situations, at high stress or at signs of aging.

Paw-Treats products:

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Holistic, natural supplementary feed with hemp!
Highly functional, natural and sustainable!

Independently analyzed and quality tested!

Specific product lines

Sustainable high-quality raw materials

Developed by team of experts

Cold production procedures

Our hemp products for dogs and cats are highly functional feed supplements developed with the best partners and produced and tested to the highest scientific standards. Paw-Treats hemp products are therefore neither normal snacks nor normal hemp products. Each of our functional hemp products uses an individual combination of natural ingredients

to best serve a specific application.


Paw Treats presentation

Learn everything you need to know about Paw-Treats in less than 3 minutes.  Learn what makes us unique, who our strategic partners are and how we independently analyze and test our products to guarantee the best possible quality and functionality, product safety and sustainability in our products. 

What makes Paw-Treats unique?

Holistic, natural supplementary feed with hemp.

Unlike other hemp products, we at Paw-Treats combine various medicinal plants and natural additives which we scientifically evaluate with a team of experts. Veterinarians, food technologists and pharmacologists ensure that our unique formulations naturally produce a strong positive effect and that side effects are virtually eliminated. We only use medicinal plants and natural additives that have shown positive effects in independent studies, have excellent safety profiles and exert their effect via various pathways. This innovative approach enables us to increase the effects of the individual substances symbiotically and to specify the broad applicability of CBD to a specific field of application. 

Highly functional, natural and sustainable!

We are convinced that sustainability is important to protect our planet. 

Paw-Treats shows that sustainability, naturalness, purity, and functionality can be in harmony with high-quality hemp treats for dogs. The cold manufacturing processes we use are designed to produce highly functional hemp treats. In addition, our manufacturing processes are also environmentally friendly because only a minimum of energy is required. We also invest a great deal of effort in the development of our formulations from natural medicinal plants and other natural additives. With Paw-Treats you can therefore be sure of buying a natural and high-quality product of the best quality from sustainable production.

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Independently analyzed and quality tested!

We are proud to work with universities and independent veterinarians to guarantee you the best possible functionality and quality with our Paw-Treats products at all times. Independent experts from the Food Safety Department of the University of Life Sciences in Prague, CULS for short, analyse our products randomly so we can guarantee you the best possible and consistent quality. In addition, we test our products in independent functional tests and clinical studies to ensure the highest possible level of functionality and product safety. But don't worry, no animals are injured in any of our tests and we neither work with laboratory animals because of ethical reasons. Our functional tests are carried out with happy owner dogs and mostly in their normal domestic environment!

Specific product lines
In general, medicinal plants contain a variety of natural substances that can optimally support your animal without straining the organism. All Paw-Treats products combine these forces of nature in unique formulations developed by scientists and veterinarians. Each of our Paw-Treats product lines is unique and targeted to a specific area of application. Only in this way can our products optimally support your pets. To achieve this, each product line uses an exquisite selection of different excipients to enhance their effect.
High-quality, tasty and sustainable!
Paw-Treats products are hypoallergenic, grain-free and environmentally friendly! We only use high-quality and sustainable protein sources for our hemp treats for dogs. In order to achieve this, we use Hermetia insect protein and completely dispense with inferior raw materials. Therefore, Paw-Treats hemp treats for dogs are of high quality, tasty for your dog and sustainably produced.

Developed by a team of experts

To bring products like those from Paw-Treats to market is really not an easy task. We are therefore all the more proud of the fact that we are able to master this challenge on a daily basis thanks to our unique expertise and our cooperations with specialised partner companies, veterinary clinics and universities. In particular, we collaborate with veterinarians, specialized food technologists and pharmacologists and the University of Life Sciences in Prague and the University of Helsinki, in order to pursue our scientific and clinical approaches. 


Cold production processes!

Our hemp feed supplements are manufactured in exceptionally gentle production processes, which use very low temperatures and low pressures (so-called "cold production processes"). This way we ensure that none of the valuable ingredients are destroyed and that our hemp treats for dogs are given a structure that provides maximum bioavailability.

Save money!

Although Paw-Treats products look like normal snacks, they are highly functional food supplements for animals that provide optimal support in problematic life situations. Furthermore, they can make expensive combinations with other preparations redundant, giving Paw-Treats products an excellent price/performance ratio that can even save you money.


What makes Paw-Treats better?


Our scientfic approach.

The scientific approach of Paw-Treats is of central importance for achieving the usual Paw-Treats quality, stability, functionality and product safety of Paw-Treats.  Watch this video to learn more about our scientific activities in collaboration with CULS, especially regarding our independent quality assurance, and learn how we at Paw-Treats make best quality one of our standards. 


Our clinical approach.

The clinical approach of Paw-Treats is an extremely important part of the scientific approach of Paw-Treats. This clinical approach serves to scientifically validate the functionality and product safety of our products through clinical trials and independent product evaluations. Learn more about these valuable activities and learn how Paw-Treats provides scientific assurance of functionality and product safety for you.

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